Truck Pull photo from South Shore in Motion by Kailen Russell

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Friday $7
Saturday $10
Sunday $7
Weekend pass $20
Children 12 and under accompanied by an adult - free

Truck Pull Rules - Bridgewater Nova Scotia!

1. No alcohol or drugs.
2. Zero tolerance for aggressive driving or "gray assing" while not hooked to the drag.
3. The number of attempts will be determined depending on the number of trucks registered.
4. All drivers must obey the judge's direction. If waved down and the driver does not stop, it will result in disqualification.
5. Class placement for trucks will be at the judge's discretion.

1. Trucks must be full bodied and appear road worthy.
2. Differentials may be welded or locked. Suspension blocking or bracing (ladder bars, traction bars, etc) NOT allowed.
3. Hitch maximum of 36 inch height and cannot be fastened ahead of rear axle centerline. Hooking point must be behind box e.g. bumper or reese hitch.
4. Tires must be DOT approved and no cut tires are allowed.
5. May run open exhaust but NO upright headers.
6. Drive shaft loops and fire extinguishers recommended.

1. Trucks must have full cab, doors and front and rear windows.
2. Hitch maximum of 36 inch height and cannot be located ahead of rear axle centerline.
3. Must have rear drive shaft loop. Fire extinguisher recommended.
4. Strongly recommend rear mud flaps on trucks with cut tires.

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