South Shore in Motion 2018
August 10, 11 and 12
Stay tuned for details!

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  • 13-jessica-nowe-pink-burnout
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  • 12-bridgewater-burnout-c-j-mader
  • 14-model-show-bridgewater
  • 15-ann-rod-golden-auto-show-bridgewater
  • 16-justin-levy-showcars
  • 17-show-shine-c-j-mader
  • 21-burnout-crew-c-j-mader
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  • 19-model-car-show-c-j-mader
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Testimonial for South Shore In Motion!
"Growing up in a small town with the majority of the population being seniors, there is not much to do throughout the year, unless you travel. This is why I look forward to SSIM.

"Cars and really anything with an engine have always been a huge interest and part of my life. I enjoy building, fixing and modifying cars - also wrecking and pushing them to their limits. Every year I enter the SSIM car show and burnout competition. Last year, I participated in their first "Car Soccer" challenge.

"There is no other event like SSIM - it has something for everyone, whether participating in or watching the excitement. Each year it gets bigger and better!"
Jon & Noel Barkhouse

"Turning engines, wheels & heads since 2004!"