3-day Auto Show & Shine mid August - Bridgewater Nova Scotia - cars, trucks, big rigs, bikes, models
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2017 Quick links: August 11, 12 & 13


Friday $7
Saturday $10
Sunday $7
Weekend pass $20
12 and under accompanied by an adult - free

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Show & Shine Competitions Bridgewater Nova Scotia! Outdoor, indoor & boonies!
Outdoor Car Show Sunday, August 13, 9:00am - 3:30pm
Registration 9:00am - 12:00pm

It's one of the largest shows in Nova Scotia - 500+ antique, new & modified cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractor trailers . . .

Why? Because we welcome all - if you own a vehicle you feel others would appreciate, we welcome you! Yes, competition does exist, with what we feel is the largest range of classes offered anywhere.

If achieving a trophy is your thing, don't miss our show - entrants are top level and our award will make for a prized display item.

Our show-stoppers range from battery operated kids' models to Big Rigs and their trailers. Modified, custom, classic, antique, muscle, sport, compact and even works in progress are welcome.

Click and see our Show & Shine classes!

Please note: On the day of the Main Car Show, driver + one occupant - free

Indoor Show & Shine

Our main building is transformed into a new world throughout the weekend. It's home to those who need to present their very best. For whatever their reasons, their visions, tireless hours of polishing, lighting, additional display items, unique touches and all that go with this mad mania come together to create a display of glitz and glitter rarely found in local events.

Take a walk through - you will be impressed. Take a closer look will boggle your mind. Chrome pulleys and bolts, decals, accent lights on remote areas, mirrors show underneath is just as shiny as the rest - what a show!

Pre-register for the inside car show! Click & email southshoreinmotion@gmail.com

Cost to enter event:

  • $20 per day if your vehicle is on display in the main building

Boonies Racing RC Show & Shine

New to the term RC? It stands for Radio Controlled - all of our vehicles operate on a wireless frequency specific to each radio linked to the Vehicle in operation. Unlike a robot, an RC is always controlled by a human - it does not operate on its own.

Check out Boonies Racing and their customiced RC trucks, cars, boats etc on display. Gather around for our random display of skills from the Boonies Racing operators. Meet our members and learn about the hobby and its vehicles. Like us on facebook @Boonies Racing. Once you've joined, you can follow updates, events, photos . . .

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